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With extensive experience, we offer the following services


Need help with software development? We can give advice and develop full solutions. We will also help you to improve your processes, optimize performance and implement extensive automations to save your time using modern cloud solutions.

Cloud based Web applications

We can design and implement custom solutions for your extranet, intranet or customer facing applications. Micro-services, micro-frontends, PWAs and distributed systems with CMS that are easily monitored and secure with high performance architecture are all in our toolbox.

Software integration

Need to expose your own data or connect to third party solutions? No stress, we are here to help. Integrations to financial management software like Netvisor or Procountor, other 3rd parties like Vero API, Visma Sign, Active Campaign, PayTrail, PayEx or PayPal to name a few go with a breeze.

Cloud transformation

Not yet in the cloud? Or feel that you're not fully taking advantage of cloud solutions? We can help you with the transition or the modernization to incorporate the full cloud spectrum.

Optimize development processes

Speed up existing development processes with automated DevOps implementations. We can build for you CI/CD pipelines with integrated tests for pain free updates and multi-environment deployments.

Business Intelligence

Know your numbers. Have your business most important numbers always at your fingertips. We can consolidate data from different sources and provide live analytics reports on all devices.