Installing Umbraco with NuGet

I was following these instructions on how to install a new Umbraco site straight through NuGet in Visual Studio 2013, but ran into some problems and thought I should share how I solved them in case somebody else is facing the same difficulties.

When in the end (of the instructions) I was running the the site (using the F5 or Debug button), the application stopped in an exception: it was looking for the fileProfiledDbConnection.cs from some specific place on the machine that did not exist. I searched for quite a while on the Internet and came to the conclusion that I had to create the database (an empty one) first (I used Latin1_General_CI_AS) and then instead of just clicking the "Install" button when installing the site (when running the site for the first time in the browser), I clicked the "Customize" button instead, and chose the database that I had just created (I was using SQL Server).

Install or Customize Umbraco Database

Configuring Umbraco Database during install

After doing these configurations I was already almost celebrating when the installation carried on, but then the page never continued from the page where it said "Redirecting to Umbraco". I checked the database and saw that all the tables seemed to have have been created, so I stopped the debugger and turned it on again after which a more familiar page opened in the Browser: "You're seeing the wonderful page because your website doesn't contain any published content yet.”. So I clicked on "Open Umbraco" to get to the Umbraco back end. Everything worked just fine and I could start creating my templates and contents as before. Joy :)



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